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The Art of Dentistry by Dr. Stephen J. Gershberg

  • Do you have trouble eating?

  • Do you avoid your friends or public situations because you are embarrassed about your teeth?

  • Do you have stomach problems because you can’t chew your food properly?

You deserve to love your smile – to enjoy a comfortable, healthy, attractive smile that makes you feel great about yourself. If your mouth suffers from disease or damage, Dr. Stephen Gershberg wants to help you reclaim quality living through optimal oral health.

  • Do you have loose, broken, or missing teeth that cause swelling?

  • Research has shown a major link between the health of the mouth and heart disease!

Dr. Gershberg understands your issues. You’re the reason he became a dentist. He wants you to experience the joys of great oral health and a fabulous, comfortably functioning, dependable smile. He teaches other dentists at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, and his rich understanding and extensive experience in correcting complex dental problems will improve your health and quality of life.

  • Do you feel desperate about your oral health?

  • Call Dr. Gershberg now!

Dr. Gershberg can handle your problems and make you happy. As his patient, you’ll learn about modern dental solutions that will renew, restore, and revive your whole body. You’ll see how you can become the person you want to be – healthy, attractive, and confident.

Why Dr. Gershberg?

  • As a Main Line Today top general dentist seven years running, Dr. Gershberg can help you avoid common dental problems and enjoy a natural, healthy smile for life.
  • As a clinical professor at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Gershberg regularly lectures on the benefits of implant-based smile reconstruction.
  • Dr. Gershberg combines esthetics with clinical skill to deliver results.
  • Dr. Gershberg offers solutions. He knows comfort, function, and appearance are important.
  • He has a passion for cosmetic dentistry that not only looks great, but also adheres to the rules of form and function.
  • He can resolve your cosmetic concerns and give you a healthier mouth in the process.
  • He knows you deserve an attractive smile and a dentist who will listen to your needs.
  • He can also solve health and relationship-threatening snoring and sleep apnea problems that will greatly enhance your quality of life.
  • He’s here to help!

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